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Million Dollar Idea to Find Tomato Hornworms Fast!

Million Dollar Idea to Find Tomato Hornworms Fast!

I HATE TOMATO WORMS!!! aka Hornworms aka Tobacco Worms


How do you know you have tomato worms?



And Destruction.

Bugs and fungus in garden 05-17-2012

Every year they plague our garden. We spend countless minutes and hours under the hot blazing sun trying to find these little Tomato Plant terminators!

My Million Dollar Idea:

At any Veterinary Clinic I have ever worked at, we had a little handheld black light. Mostly to search for skin fungus. Well after spending an hour in the garden looking for one horn worm on only one of my 30 plants, it hits me!

The tomato worms have white strips, I bet they glow! Sure enough they did!!!!!!

Our garden quickly turned into a “cosmic rave”. It literally took me and my husband under 10 minutes to locate over 20 tomato worms on our tomato plants. Done!!!

You can see the same plant under the naked eye  versus the black light. Huge difference. We even found worms the size of a spaghetti noodle.


They quickly became chicken food and therefore helping complete the Garden Full Circle.

I thought I was such a genius and I couldn’t wait to share my discovery with the world. Then I googled it. It has indeed been done before. Dang it. Ha!

I am also including a link to the actual handheld blacklight I used. Super affordable!

Get your Blacklight Here!


Gardening Full Circle

Gardening Full Circle

Started to harvest some of my carrots and realized they were infested. Beautiful Anise Swallowtail Caterpillars have taken up residence in the carrot bed. I believe I am going to let them be.

After some research I have learned that they thouroghly enjoy munching carrots on their way to Pupae and Adulthood. Absolutely beautiful creatures.


Tomato Worms covered in Cocoons! Read why you WANT to keep them…


Just saw this little booger in the garden.


FACT of the day: you WANT to keep these covered worms in your garden.

The white cocoons are the pupae of the Braconid Wasp. These wasps are parasitic insects that prey on hornworms. They will hatch and seek out more tomato worms and eat them!