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Evan Webb and The Rural Route Ramblers are making waves with song “Dry up or Drown”


Shout out to Southern Illinois!


Even though their song was recorded shortly before, now it is making huge Mississippi River Waves in Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri.

It is spreading fast across the country hitting the hearts of so many.

It was written in reference to the floods of 1927 and 1993. But recently the flood of 2015 is breaking big records.

Note to Evan: This is going to be THE ONE

Good luck Evan and Ramblers! Check them out here:


Pimp My Cozy Coupe!

Pimp My Cozy Coupe!

Well I have been busy!

I have a major LOVE for the old VW Buses. Like LOVE! Sadly I don’t forsee myself getting to own one any time soon. So I went with the next best thing:

I made them for my two sons. They turned out awesome~


I first had my husband removing all of the components. Take the top off, take out the steering wheel, the key, wheels. Until  you are left with a mechanic shop of cozy parts.  I learned by the 3rd cozy coop that it wasn’t necessary to remove the wheels. Just cover them with a plastic bag. It will save so much headache.


It takes about 1/3 to 1/2 can of primer per car

It takes about 1 1/2 cans of glossy paint per car

I also used:

painters tape, Chrome Trim, Vinyl Decal.

I am adding links to the

Chrome Trim found here

VW Chrome Decal(made by me) found here

Drawer Gliding Tape for the doors found here

**NOTE I have not yet found a way for the paint to not rub off where the door opens against the car. So far it is inevitable. But I have lots of cars to do.

UPDATE I have found a way to avoid the door paint rubbing issue. That is with drawer gliding tape. Link above.

There are so many ideas as to how you can Pimp Your Own Cozy Coop. HAVE FUN!!!!

Happy Hallow-ChickieWing!!!

Happy Hallow-ChickieWing!!!

Old MacDonald had a Farm!


It is my babies first Halloween!!!

I found the cutest rooster costume from Target. But I hated the hat that came with it. So I decided to crochet my own!

I used a very stretchy and fuzzy soft white yarn from hobby lobby. Dark Red yarn for the comb and light yellow for the nost. With black button eyes!!


If you have questions please ask! All of my crochet creations can be seen HERE!

I thought how can I make this even cuter. Started brainstorming on everything to do with chickens. Some family friends of ours happened to be growing these Humongous White Pumpkins. I thougth OMG!!!

So I brought one home carved it accordingly and the cute factore began!!! Perfect idea for halloween!


1st Birthday!!!

1st Birthday!!!

Ok, my sons first birthday is coming up next month. I did a practice run on making his cake myself. This is how it turned out! Everything but the fishbowl is edible. What!?


Dr Seuss is the theme. I love the quotes and all of the life lessons. What I did was pick my favorite white cake recipe and my favorite marshmallow fondant recipe to make the cake and layers. I bought colored fondant in bricks to make the Cat in the Hat, and the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

I hand rolled and shaped the cat in the hat with colored fondant and an edible marker pen. I drew the fish and cut them out.

The fishbowl rocks are nerds!