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Evan Webb and The Rural Route Ramblers are making waves with song “Dry up or Drown”


Shout out to Southern Illinois!


Even though their song was recorded shortly before, now it is making huge Mississippi River Waves in Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri.

It is spreading fast across the country hitting the hearts of so many.

It was written in reference to the floods of 1927 and 1993. But recently the flood of 2015 is breaking big records.

Note to Evan: This is going to be THE ONE

Good luck Evan and Ramblers! Check them out here:


Pimp My Cozy Coupe!

Pimp My Cozy Coupe!

Well I have been busy!

I have a major LOVE for the old VW Buses. Like LOVE! Sadly I don’t forsee myself getting to own one any time soon. So I went with the next best thing:

I made them for my two sons. They turned out awesome~


I first had my husband removing all of the components. Take the top off, take out the steering wheel, the key, wheels. Until  you are left with a mechanic shop of cozy parts.  I learned by the 3rd cozy coop that it wasn’t necessary to remove the wheels. Just cover them with a plastic bag. It will save so much headache.


It takes about 1/3 to 1/2 can of primer per car

It takes about 1 1/2 cans of glossy paint per car

I also used:

painters tape, Chrome Trim, Vinyl Decal.

I am adding links to the

Chrome Trim found here

VW Chrome Decal(made by me) found here

Drawer Gliding Tape for the doors found here

**NOTE I have not yet found a way for the paint to not rub off where the door opens against the car. So far it is inevitable. But I have lots of cars to do.

UPDATE I have found a way to avoid the door paint rubbing issue. That is with drawer gliding tape. Link above.

There are so many ideas as to how you can Pimp Your Own Cozy Coop. HAVE FUN!!!!

Amber Teething Necklace Real or Fake? A few tests you can do at home!

Amber Teething Necklace Real or Fake? A few tests you can do at home!

It recently became a huge debate on one of the sites I am a member to about Amber Teething Necklaces.

Someone in the group received an Amber Teething Necklace to review. Long story short, her necklace crumbled and led her to believe it might not be real. There were a few others who received amber from the same company. Which sparked a huge post about how to tell real from fake.

I have 3 Amber Teething Necklaces, from 3 different Companies. All of which I feel are reputable and will post their info below.


There are a few ways to tell if your Amber necklace is fake, without having to ruin it by crumbling it or burning it.


Salt Water Solution

1/3 cup of salt

2/3 cup of warm water

Stir until dissolved. Place your amber in the water.

Real Amber will FLOAT.

Fake Amber will SINK.




Unless you have the super dark amber, your necklace should glow like a Christmas Tree! Plastic beads which are likely yellow will NOT GLOW.

(NOTICE all of the necklaces, yellow, plastic attachment clasps do not glow)







All 3 have passed my test with Flying Luminescent Colors! 😉

Of course there are other ways to distinguish Real from Fake Amber. But I find these easiest for me without ruining the integrity of the necklace.

Now…… I guess you want to know who the Reputable Companies are!???

  1. Baltic Wonder (Very stunning in person) Find it here
  2. Inspired by Finn Find it here
  3. Hazelaid Find it here (Choose 12″ Necklace Twist Clasp)

How to choose Amber:

After all the research I did when I had my first son 3 years ago. I learned that unpolished and semi-polished were your best polishes to achieve the desired effect. Also The richest butter color possible seems to be the most effective color.

Million Dollar Idea to Find Tomato Hornworms Fast!

Million Dollar Idea to Find Tomato Hornworms Fast!

I HATE TOMATO WORMS!!! aka Hornworms aka Tobacco Worms


How do you know you have tomato worms?



And Destruction.

Bugs and fungus in garden 05-17-2012

Every year they plague our garden. We spend countless minutes and hours under the hot blazing sun trying to find these little Tomato Plant terminators!

My Million Dollar Idea:

At any Veterinary Clinic I have ever worked at, we had a little handheld black light. Mostly to search for skin fungus. Well after spending an hour in the garden looking for one horn worm on only one of my 30 plants, it hits me!

The tomato worms have white strips, I bet they glow! Sure enough they did!!!!!!

Our garden quickly turned into a “cosmic rave”. It literally took me and my husband under 10 minutes to locate over 20 tomato worms on our tomato plants. Done!!!

You can see the same plant under the naked eye  versus the black light. Huge difference. We even found worms the size of a spaghetti noodle.


They quickly became chicken food and therefore helping complete the Garden Full Circle.

I thought I was such a genius and I couldn’t wait to share my discovery with the world. Then I googled it. It has indeed been done before. Dang it. Ha!

I am also including a link to the actual handheld blacklight I used. Super affordable!

Get your Blacklight Here!

Who Am I???




I graduated college as a Certified Veterinary Technician. I got married to the love of my life. We bought a small farm on 16 acres of woods and prairie. We started a family.

I am now a Stay at Home Mommy. I have a small business on Etsy, crocheting newborn and baby photo props. I have also started to add homemade custom Party or Special Event Invitations. I have a big garden, in which I dehydrate, freeze, and can anything and everything to sustain us through the winter months. I have chickens and honey bees. I try my hardest to repurpose, refurbish or recycle. I cook….ALOT. I have been cooking since I was 11 and I am pretty good at it.

My goal in life is to teach my children the old ways. To show them that the Earth has everything they need, and if we are good to her, she will be good to us. To treat everything kindly and respect that everything has a purpose.





A Christmas Story kind of Halloween

A Christmas Story kind of Halloween

Happy Halloween! or Happy Christmas Halloween!?

“His Aunt Clara always sends the nicest gifts.”

I got this fun idea to do, A Christmas Story, Halloween Theme. I always thought my son resembled a Ralph or even Home Alone Kevin. 😉

The search was on. I could not find a pink bunny costume anywhere!!! The ones online were too big and way too expensive. Especially if I was not sure it would even fit my little guy.

Our local Halloween Shop carried a perfect, toddler size WHITE Bunny Costume. The ears on the hood drooped but it was adorable anyway. And comfortable. I got the idea to dye it.

Got it home, did some research. Apparently you can not dye synthetic fibers with liquid dye, for fear of ruining the fur all together and getting an uneven dye on top of that. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!

I bought Brink Pink Hair Spray from Sally’s. It took 3 cans. But I sprayed and rubbed it in with my hands. IT WORKED!! Let it set in the sun a few days to really avoid residue and staining everything else.

I bought cheap fake glasses and pink rabbit ears that stood up.

My husband and I went to the thrift store and bought old nightgowns and pajamas like the family in A Christmas Story wore on Christmas Morning. Such a Blast! And a very BIG HIT.


We even had a few people ask if he was the ENERGIZER BUNNY! That would work too!