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Gettin’ Crafty

Gettin’ Crafty

Ok, so I who doesn’t dream of their own Craft Room!?

With the help of a few things we have had around, we started getting dirty!

First, my husband crafted my yarn storage cabinet organizer by hand, board and nail. Their is no pattern that he went by. Just good ol inginuity. If you have questions I would be happy to answer to the best of my ability on how he made it. The base with cabinets is just a good ol unfinished cabinet we bought from Menards on Clearance. He purchased the 1×12 boards from Menards as well.


Now any craft room with an extra nook and a home of children obviously needs their own “play station”. This table and chairs actually belonged to my husband as a wee lad. They were very plain, and scratched and stained. I just bought some bold color paint and don’t forget the Chalkboard Paint. I painted the table chairs, legs and base under table top. The table top I painted 3 or 4 layers of Chalkboard Paint. It turned out Stunning! I then found my favorite Dr Seuss quote, had it cut in vinyl and applied it to the wall. My husband made the shelf and we adorned it with our favorite Seuss books!